U.S. Chain Restaurant Total Rewards Association Compensation Survey

Chain restaurants comprise one of the largest employer segments in the country, and Chain Restaurant Total Rewards Association (CRTRA) now has over 130 member companies, representing over 300 of the most popular restaurant concepts, employing nearly 1.5 million workers. The CRTRA Compensation Surveys, in partnership with the CRTRA, are the premier source of compensation data that helps guide the planning for the single largest operating expense for each of its member companies.

Executive and
Management Jobs


Year Partnering
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Why Participate?

  • Includes base salary, hourly pay including starting and top rates
  • Includes bonus (actual and target)
  • Includes long-term incentive valuations

What's New?

  • New positions
  • More geographic data
  • New products and insights

Survey Overview

Compensation Data Elements and Jobs Covered

  • Base salary, hourly pay including starting and top rates
  • Bonus (actual and target)
  • Long-term incentive valuations
  • 143 executive and management jobs, and 25 hourly roles



  • Detailed variable pay design
  • Franchise operations practices
  • LTI eligibility
  • Salary increase practice
  • Shift differentials
  • Driver pay



  • Executive and Management Workbook
  • Hourly Positional Template


Report Segmentation

  • Concept type (quick service, family dining, etc.)
  • FLSA status (Exempt vs. Nonexempt)
  • Territory volume
  • Number of units
  • Metropolitan cuts for operations roles
  • ZIP code and MSA code data for hourly roles
  • Company owned and System-wide revenues


Report Timing

  • Executive Management data reported on an annual basis–Released in June
  • Hourly Survey data reported out on a quarterly basis–Apr., Jul., Oct., Jan.


How Collected Data is Reported

  • Full reports downloadable in Excel/PDF formats
  • Online reporting with unlimited custom comparator groups
  • Multiple geographic reporting options for hourly roles
  • Regression analysis tool for select positions


Purchase Options

  • CRTRA Executive/Management Survey Full Version
  • CRTRA Executive/Management Survey Light Version
  • CRTRA Hourly Survey
    • Hourly Compensation (base rate, salary range, and incentives)
    • Electronic data provided in three forms (PDF, Excel, and online access)
    • Scope cuts, geographic cuts (including detailed analysis by state, MSA code and three-digit
    • ZIP code) will be available in Excel and online
    • View and Age data by job or job family with online tool
    • Custom Online Reporting - scope cuts, peer reporting and geographic cuts
    • Analysis on Hourly Pay Practices (available in Adobe Acrobat)


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