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Accelerating business outcomes with people data

Achieve a competitive advantage through your people

To drive results, business leaders must start linking people data across internal and external sources to drive business performance. When leaders have a deeper understanding of how to engage, acquire and manage talent—powered by data and analytics—the result is a human capital transformation.

Aon has built a portfolio of People Analytics services and products that will accelerate speed to value and sustainable outcomes. From capability and technology enablement to dedicated point solutions across the employee lifecycle to integrated strategic workforce planning and talent strategies, Aon's focus is driving business results.


With People Analytics, uncover insights from talent data to drive business results

Go From HR Outcome-Focused...

Go From HR Outcome-Focused...
  • Are we hiring the right people to drive growth?
  • Is my Employee Engagement improving?
  • Do I have the right workforce strategy?
  • Are we retaining employees in pivotal roles?
  • Am I compensating my sales staff effectively?

...To Business Focused

...To Business Focused
  • We are expecting to drive 5% y-o-y growth in EPS by optimizing our critical talent pipeline
  • We are forecasting a 10 - 15% increase in sales through improved Sales Rewards
  • We have reduced business risk by up to 10% through better Employee Engagement
  • We are improving workforce productivity and optimizing our total operating expenses.

People Analytics answers talent-related
questions with an analytics lens


Our support across the People Analytics value chain includes:

Establishing a Foundation

Building people analytics capabilities

Building people analytics capabilities

When you are establishing your people analytics foundation, which may include developing a strategy and roadmap, building a service delivery model, evaluating and implementing technology solutions, assessing a build vs. buy solution, Aon helps manage this change and can train broader HR teams around the value and use of people analytics deliverables.

Building Analytics

Designing and implementing point solutions using analytics

Designing and implementing point solutions using analytics

Once you’ve decided to build analytics solutions that target specific issues around the employee lifecycle — from planning, to hiring, to developing, to rewarding and to exiting — Aon is there to help you along the way. Analytic solutions that are as simple as combining data from disparate sources, can provide deep insights to your organization.

Driving Impact

Aligning people analytics point solutions into core business decisions

Aligning people analytics point solutions into core business decisions

Driving impact means ensuring the delivery of critical business outcomes. Unless people analytics deliverables are directly linked to business outcomes relevant to the success of your organization, people analytics will never be part of its DNA. An analytics-driven talent retention roadmap is a great example of one such deliverable.


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