Six Ways Stock Compensation Can Make the World a Better Place

Date: June 6, 2023
Time: 12:00 pm (ET)

Explore six provocative (and totally game changing!) ideas on how stock compensation can make a meaningful difference in addressing income inequality, student debt, charitable giving, and environmental concerns. Hear ideas you’ve never even considered (you’ll wonder why not!) as well as adaptations of more conventional uses of equity compensation inspired by higher thinking. No matter what your role is, you’ll leave motivated by these transformative ideas and ready to join the movement to make the world a better place through stock compensation.
Learning Objectives:

  • How to deploy a student debt repayment program in a cost neutral arrangement by pioneering a concept using restricted stock units from a dedicated plan;
  • Creative solutions with broad-based share equity arrangements to bring more value to employees who need it most, align with corporate DE&I initiatives and help address income inequality;
  • Real change by linking performance-based compensation to ensure executives don't just feel a responsibility for creating profits but feel a responsibility for creating profits responsibly; and
  • Win-win-win outcomes of using long-term appreciated securities from equity compensation to amplify charitable giving.
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