Managing the Great Resignation
and What’s Next

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talent market in flux


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Who Should Participate?

  • This pulse survey is designed for senior HR professionals and leaders working for firms in all industries and geographies.

How Much Time is Needed?

  • On average, it takes 15-20 minutes to complete this survey.

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Pulse Survey Overview

Whether you call it the Great Reset, the Great Reshuffling, or the Great Resignation, we all recognize a huge shift in the global workforce is underway. Organizations — regardless of industry, location or size — are finding it harder and harder to attract and retain talent to meet growth goals, while also adapting to changing employee and societal expectations.

Against the backdrop of this dynamic environment, our next global HR pulse survey focuses on how organizations are evolving their business and people strategies to stay ahead of shifting talent trends. Covered topics include:

  • Reacting and responding to accelerated workforce changes, including quantifying the impact of the Great Resignation and understanding turnover rates among various demographic groups;
  • Enhancing evolving talent acquisition strategies in a competitive market, including adjustments to the hiring process as well as rewards packages;
  • Developing and enhancing strategies to retain talent, including a focus on development, compensation programs and flexible-working practices; and
  • Looking ahead to key HR priorities in 2022, and identifying areas with opportunity for improvement with a people-focus in mind.

Complimentary Participation and Results

There is no fee to join this pulse survey. All participants who provide a complete submission will receive complimentary access to survey results via our online reporting tool. This tool can be used to create custom reports by region, country, industry and essential vs. non-essential businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have already participated in one or more COVID-19 pulse surveys from Aon. Is this survey different and do I need to submit data again to receive results?
    Yes, please submit data again to receive access to our new pulse survey results. This survey is different from our previous projects and includes coverage of today’s most pressing issues, including accelerated hiring and talent retention practices and strategies.
  • Is this survey open to McLagan and Radford survey clients?
    Yes, McLagan and Radford survey clients should participate, as both client communities provided input on our survey design. Also, industry-specific results will be available via our online reporting tool.
  • How long will it take to complete the survey?
    In most cases, this pulse survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. However, some participants will take longer to complete the survey based on their company's practices.
  • Who is best suited to complete the survey?
    This pulse survey is designed for senior HR professionals and leaders who have visibility into a wide array of workforce issues, including compensation, benefits and talent strategy.
  • Can I download and preview a copy of the survey questionnaire?
    Yes, you can preview the questionnaire in a PDF format by clicking here. Please note, the PDF questionnaire is for informational purposes only; you must submit responses online to join the survey.
  • What type of data is collected in this survey?
    This pulse survey collects general policy and practice-level information by region and broad employee groups. Individual incumbent-level data is not collected.
  • Will my answers remain confidential?
    Yes, all individual responses will remain confidential. Results will only be published in an aggregated manner in accordance with best practices for maintaining data confidentiality.