Discover how you can unlock opportunities for reskilling and upskilling talent to build future skills within your organization.

At a time of accelerated business and workforce change, organizations must act quickly to create agile and resilient workforces with the skills to meet future challenges.

In this guidebook, we explore how employers can future-proof their workforce by identifying future skills critical to business success, and create plans for reskilling and upskilling their people to bridge any gaps.

Future workforce skills must include behaviors and abilities that transcend traditional technical skills and enable the workforce to operate in a more agile and resilient way.


of organizations are planning new initiatives
to identify future skills gaps



are improving current programs to identify future skills


are leading the way and have already implemented initiatives to identify future skills


A Framework to Close the Future Skills Gap

By creating a framework to identify and address future skills gaps, organizations will be well positioned to meet the demands of the future.
Create Benchmarks
Use data to understand your skills gaps and formulate a holistic reskilling and upskilling strategy.
Define Future Requirements
Assess and define future skill requirements based on business strategy needs.
Align Total Rewards Programs
Rewards strategies must ensure pivotal and high potential employees are valued for their future skills.
Create a Reskilling Framework
Link future skills requirements to job architecture, workforce planning, and learning and development plans.
Engage Employees in the Process
Communicate career pathways and development expectations so employees can own their reskilling paths.
Measure Progress
Continually analyze data to ensure the organization is adapting to workforce changes.
Discover how reskilling and upskilling talent to close future skills gaps can help your organization build a more agile and resilient workforce.

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