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Are you extraordinary? Get recognized and enhance your
employer brand globally

In today's competitive global job market, being a well-known organization or having a famous consumer brand name is not enough to attract and retain top talent. Organizations need to build an agile and connected workplace, create amazing employee experiences, nurture feedback and dialogue, actively focus on innovation, and embed their businesses into the future.

Backed by more than 18 years’ worth of data on employee experience, Aon Best Employers program measures and recognizes extraordinary employers. It differentiates on people factors which are the key to success: high employee engagement, profound agility, engaging leadership and maniacal talent focus.

The program salutes the achievements made by organizations that create sustainable competitive advantage through their people. Aon Best Employers program looks into the health of your organization from the inside, using the most objective measure possible – your employees’ opinion.

At Aon, we know that becoming a Best Employer is a journey in an organization's development, and it doesn’t happen overnight. However it's a journey that is truly worth the effort. Becoming an Aon Best Employer leads to better business, and improved results for all stakeholders.


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Best Employers Have Better Business Performance

Our research proves that Aon Best Employers drive consistent long-term performance through effective leadership, a profoundly agile organization, an exceptional talent focus and ultimately, through high employee engagement. Not only are these organizations well positioned to win the war for talent, but they are seeing better business results as well.

Incremental Business Impact vs Average Company

higher sales growth than average companies

higher operating income growth than average companies

higher sales growth than bottom quartile companies

The new benchmark – becoming an Aon Best Employer across the globe

In the global program, with consistent methodology, we measure and recognize employer excellence, anywhere in the world. When your organization is recognized as a workplace of choice in every country where you are present, it can do wonders for your reputation as an employer.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

If you achieve the status of being an Aon Best Employer you'll be in good company. Take a look at the organizations who have achieved this status.