Aon Best Employers–About the Program

About the Aon Best Employers Program

The Aon Best Employers program recognizes the achievements of organizations that demonstrate excellence in the workplace. With a consistent methodology, we measure and recognize employee excellence, anywhere in the world.

Reliable Approach: Your Employee's Opinions

Our research proves that Aon Best Employers drive consistent long-term performance through organization cultures marked by effective leadership, strong performance culture, a compelling employer brand and high employee engagement.

These four measurable factors contribute to whether an organization is named an Aon Best Employer.

Engagement  Index

Employees speak positively about the company, intend to stay and are motivated to exert extra effort at work

Leadership  Index

Leaders treat employees as valued assets, engage employees in the vision and lead the company to success

Performance  Culture Index

Employees are aligned to company goals and are rewarded and recognized for their contribution

Employer  Brand Index

Employees are proud to be part of the company and can clearly explain what makes their company different from others

The methodology used to determine an organization's qualification as an Aon Best Employer is based on the most objective measure possible: your employee's opinions. The approach we use is an integral part of Aon's employee engagement methodology.

Using survey data collected from employees, the four indices described above are calculated for each organization at country level and then compared to relevant Aon thresholds using our global employee engagement database. Aon's database for the last five years contains data representing the opinion of almost 9 million employees from more than 5,000 organizations around the world. The thresholds are determined by analyzing the data from these organizations and are refreshed bi-annually.

  • 5 years of data
  • 9.03 million responses
  • 68 industries researched
  • 99 countries with norms
  • 5080 organizations

Participation Eligibility

Country Status

A company in a country can be evaluated for country status if:

  • The company has at least 50 employees in the country, AND
  • At least 3 full years of operation in the country

Regional Status

A company in a region can be evaluated for regional status if:

  • The company has at least 1,000 employees in the region, AND
  • At least 30% of employees are employed outside of the headquarter country

Global Status

A company can be evaluated for global status if:

  • The company has at least 5,000 employees globally, AND
  • At least 30% of employees are outside of the headquarter country

Note: Participation is strictly confidential and only those qualifying as Aon Best Employers will be identified publicly.

Survey requirements

  • All questions must be asked to all employees or a representative sample to be determined by Aon.
  • The survey must be administered by Aon ensuring confidentiality and a trusted environment. Organizations accept Aon's terms and conditions for the program.