Attract, retain and motivate the team you need to deliver results


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It All Starts With People

Yes, the world we live in is an increasingly automated place, but people still matter. In fact, aligning your human capital to embrace change, manage disruption and tackle increasingly complex business processes is more important than ever. Companies that get this right win. Companies that don’t, quickly fade into the background. Aside from your long-term people strategy, your rewards programs are likely the single greatest source of leverage your business has to drive and manage change through people. With the right rewards formula in place, you’ll be able to attract, retain and motivate the team you need to deliver great results.


Leaders, Builders & Experience Makers

Our world is increasingly digital, but real things still matter. We work with Fortune 500 firms, automakers, hospitals, hotels, and retailers to reward the people who deliver great things with great care.

Advisors, Bankers & Insurers

Leveraging the incredible expertise of McLagan, we partner with financial firms, insurers, and professional services firms around the globe to reward their greatest asset—people.

Coders, Creators & Scientists

Fueled by the strength of Radford, we help thousands of digital media, life sciences and technology companies tackle their biggest rewards challenges in innovation hubs around the globe.


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Advisory Expertise

We partner with boards and management teams to help guide their approach to setting pay. This includes defining compensation philosophies, developing peer groups, conducting competitive assessments and managing risk— all in the name of ensuring your pay programs align with your business goals.

We work with human resources leaders to build the innovative rewards programs they need to compete for game-changing talent. From benchmarking total rewards to building career frameworks to managing rapid workforce growth, our experienced team has your people and business needs covered.