Rewards Intelligence for Every Industry

Thousands of companies around the world, in tens of industries, representing millions of employees, share their compensation data with Aon every year. Together, this data forms one of the largest sources of compensation intelligence anywhere in the market. Better yet, this data is delivered back to clients in a number of industry-specific formats honed over decades to meet the nuanced benchmarking requirements of every industry.


Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM)

Discover our suite of US and global general industry surveys, featuring extensive data on Fortune 500 firms.


Financial services, insurance and professional services rewards surveys, powered by the McLaganLive platform.


Digital media, life sciences and technology rewards surveys, powered by the Radford Network platform.

Connect with our team to discuss compensation survey options for your company. 

Find the Right Compensation Surveys and Tools for Your Business

We offer clients a wide variety of industry-, region- and topic-specific compensation surveys and tools powered by the TCM survey platform. To find the best solution set for your business, use the search box and filters below:

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U.S. TCM Compensation Survey - Executive and Senior Management
People analytics, human capital advisory, compensation surveys, rewards, sales, executive and senior management compensation, TCM, total compensation measurement
U.S. TCM Compensation Survey - Broad-Based Management and Professional
TCM, total compensation measurement, people analytics, human capital advisory, compensation surveys, rewards, sales, management, professional
U.S. TCM Compensation Survey - Nonexempt
nonexempt, people analytics, human capital advisory, compensation surveys, rewards, sales compensation, talent, executive compensation, broad-based compensation, equity valuation, corporate governance
U.S. Sales Compensation Survey
people analytics, human capital advisory, compensation surveys, rewards, sales, sales compensation plan, sales growth goals, metrics, competitive, sales incentive plan, sales compensation plan design
U.S. Variable Compensation Measurement (VCM)
compensation, surveys, rewards, U.S., variable compensation measurement, benchmarking data, variable pay
U.S. High Demand Information Technology Skills Compensation Survey
hot, IT, information technology, compensation, surveys, U.S., IT skills, data
U.S. New Graduate Hiring Compensation Survey
new hire, graduate, hiring, new graduate, grad hiring, compensation, survey, U.S., MBA, MA, MS, BS, BA, PhD, JD, college, university, degree, pay, data, interns
Global Total Compensation Measurement (TCM) Survey
global, TCM, total compensation measurement, compensation surveys, rewards
Salary Increase and Turnover Study
global, compensation, salary, global salary increase survey, survey results
Global Cyber Security Compensation Survey
cyber security, compensation, surveys, global, cyber security jobs, global cyber security compensation and talent survey
Global Automotive Compensation Survey
automotive, global, compensation, trends, surveys, survey results, global automotive compensation survey
U.S. Energy Industry Portfolio (EIP) of Compensation Surveys
energy, renewable, oil, gas, utility, industry, compensation, geoanalyzer, salary planning, budget
U.S. Industrial Products and Manufacturing (IPM) Compensation Survey
industrial, U.S., talent, rewards, research, surveys, compensation, pay, industrial products, manufacturing
Custom Industry Compensation Surveys
custom survey, custom compensation survey, custom salary survey
CG Pro - Compensation and Governance Professional
CG Pro, Aon, Compensation and Governance Professional, compensation, data, tool
Global Compensation GeoAnalyzer
global compensation, global compensation geoanalyzer, salary planning, budgeting, transfer packages
Global Short- and Long-Term Incentive Analyzer
global, data, compensation, pay, long term incentives, LTI, compensation, pay, short term incentives
Global Salary Band Analysis Tool
global, data, compensation, pay, salary band analysis, TCM, total compensation measurement, short term incentives, long term incentives, compensation surveys
U.S. GeoAnalyzer
energy, energy industry, compensation, geoanalyzer, salary planning, budget
U.S. TCM Salary Band Analysis
TCM, total compensation measurement, compensation, salary band analysis tool, data, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, salary bands, U.S., U.S. data tools
U.S. Energy Industry Compensation GeoAnalyzer
energy, energy industry, compensation, geoanalyzer, salary planning, budget
Healthcare Pay and Performance Modeler
health care, pay, compensation, health care pay and performance modeler, executive pay, performance, benchmarking, CEO compensation, compensation design, executive performance, succession planning