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Thousands of companies around the world in tens of industries, representing millions of employees, share their compensation data with Aon every year. Together, this data forms one of the largest sources of compensation intelligence anywhere in the market. Better yet, this data is delivered back to clients in a number of industry-specific formats honed over decades to meet the nuanced benchmarking requirements of every industry.



Discover our compensation survey products for Fortune 500, automotive, energy, healthcare, hospitality, and retail firms, powered by the Aon TCM platform.


Leverage our compensation survey products for financial services, insurance and professional services companies, powered by the McLaganLive platform.


Explore our compensation survey products for digital media, life sciences and technology companies, powered by the Radford Network platform.


Talk to a member of our team about the right compensation surveys for your business. 

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We offer clients a wide variety of industry-, region- and topic-specific compensation surveys, all powered by the Total Compensation Measurement ® (TCM) survey platform. To find the best solution set for your business, use the filters below.

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