Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM) Survey:
Broad-Based Management and Professional

The Broad-Based (formerly Management and Professional) survey has nearly 2,000 positions for you to match your top talent. The TCM Management and Professional survey provides comprehensive compensation data needed to ensure your organization recruits and retains the best talent in the marketplace.


Survey Roles

Total Number of


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Why Participate?

  • Comprehensive compensation data
  • Annual benchmarking analyses
  • Make critial reward decisions amidst regulated compensation landscape

What's New?

  • A user-friendly website - easy to navigate and intuitive for you to use
  • A special version that focuses on private companies
  • Additional reporting by JobLink™ level

Survey Overview

Scale and Scope

  • Our 2020 database reflects more than 400 participating organizations
  • Nearly one-half of the participants are from Fortune 1000 companies
  • Participation from all industries


Custom Reporting Options

  • Age data, convert currency, produce printer-friendly reports, and download to Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel
  • Define an unlimited number of comparator groups, such as industry, name, location or financial measure
  • Blend multiple jobs with advanced view and age functionality
  • Select peer companies by company name or search by specific criteria (location, industry, etc.)
  • Choose positions, percentiles, and pay components including long-term incentives
  • Quick reporting options for fast results


Other Reporting Options

  • Online (this option includes all reports listed below)
  • Cash Compensation and Total Compensation by Industry in Adobe and Excel, run by position or by level
  • Cash Compensation by Geographic Region, with cuts by all 50 states and 60 metro areas in Excel
  • Special pricing if you participate in all three levels of TCM: Executive, Management and Professional, and Non-Exempt


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