Compensation Surveys

Custom Compensation Surveys

Maintaining a competitive advantage in business requires organizations to have reliable market data on compensation levels and HR practices. Some client needs can be met with standard benchmark surveys, but oftentimes organizations need the added assurance that is provided through a custom salary survey.

What is a Custom Survey?

  • Designed to collect benchmark information on pay and related items that are not available from existing sources
  • Ranges from one specific pay practice issue to total compensation studies
  • Provides an effective benchmarking tool to support a wide range of business needs (e.g., recruiting practices, career development, retention strategies, variable pay design)
  • Tailored to meet the unique needs of sponsors

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Survey Participants

  • Sponsor can focus the survey on participants sharing a particular industry, size, geographic area, or financial performance


Survey Positions

  • Sponsor defines which benchmark positions to include in the survey
  • Allows for pay comparisons for positions not available in published surveys; provides more exact matches, since participants match to sponsor's actual positions (rather than generic positions), and participants receive position-matching assistance


Survey Data

  • Base/bonus relationship (actual/target)
  • Types of incentive or variable compensation plans
  • HR programs, such as attraction and retention policies for scarce skills
  • Completely customizable


How Custom Surveys are Conducted

  • Typically begins with a feasibility study to ensure full interest of potential participants
  • Excel questionnaire emailed to survey participants
  • When questionnaire is returned, consultant email/phone follow-ups clarify, correct, or further complete the survey information


Who Participates

  • Survey sponsor, in consultation with Aon, selects survey participants



  • Aon complies with all anti-trust guidelines
  • Protection of confidentiality extends not only to compensation data, but also to any kind of observation, scoping factor, or analysis that could identify a participant with its data to an experienced person in the field



  • Timing can vary, depending upon the complexity of the survey request
  • Typically 12-16 weeks


Results Delivery

  • Sponsor receives customized report with comparison of their data to market results
  • Participants receive a complimentary report of the results

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