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Global Compensation GeoAnalyzer

Global companies face a unique set of challenges to pay competitive wages across and within their markets. Whether it's measuring localized salary structures or evaluating transfers, it’s a difficult process to gather the data you need. Save time and effort with a convenient, easy-to-use tool.

Key Features

  • Premium/discount percentages by city and region within a country
  • Interactive Microsoft Excel-based tool accessible any time, anywhere
  • Data provided by JobLink Level and function

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Ideal For

Salary Planning and Budgeting

  • Breakouts by specific college/university
  • Breakouts by tier level groups of schools (e.g. the top 25 business schools for MBA graduates)
  • In-depth hiring practices section, including summer interns (e.g. weekly salary, relocation policies, sign-on bonuses, timing of payment of sign-on bonuses and type of MBA programs)


Designing Mobility and Transfer Packages

  • Tool can be used throughout the year
  • Saves time by reducing the need to get market competitive wage data from compensation partners in local regions
  • Allows premium and discount comparisons by job type and function by city, region, and national level

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