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Global Incentive Analyzer

Bridge the gap in limited global data around short- and long-term incentive plans.

Gathering the global data you need to effectively design incentive plans across markets is a difficult task. Aon's Global Incentive Analyzer solves for the challenges of limited data using predictive analytics from our extensive database of total rewards information. The powerful, user-friendly Excel-based tool accounts for the gaps in global short- and long-term incentives data. It saves you time and money by eliminating the need to buy multiple reports to get a holistic view of the market.

Key Features

  • Includes all countries and job levels in one Excel report
  • Predicts unattainable data points for 31 countries
  • Compensation data includes actual and regressed base pay, guaranteed cash, actual and target bonus, and long-term incentives
  • Data is presented for all companies: consumer, energy, hospitality, high-tech, life sciences, and manufacturing
  • Proprietary tool built with direct input from clients

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Ideal For

Global Short- and Long Term Incentive Annual Grant Review

  • Provides data for all markets in one easy to use excel tool
  • Allows you to filter the data and compare country data for easy tiering or indexing
  • Fill in the gaps in global short- and long-term incentives data using predictive analysis


Strategic Hiring

  • Provides you with STI and LTI eligibility and values for specific functions and job levels to make better informed and more competitive offers.


Need a Long-Term Incentives Diagnostics Report?

Benchmarking long-term incentive plans is a time-consuming and costly process, especially for companies with global operations. But the Long-Term Incentives Diagnostics Report saves weeks of time and capitalizes on our decades of experience in evaluating global LTI plans. Select your target region, submit a short questionnaire and our global compensation consultants will score your LTI plan against the local market and identify any potential risk areas. It:

  • Requires only submitting a short questionnaire
  • Saves weeks of time researching data reports and analyzing results
  • Identifies potential risks and areas for change
  • Provides you with the analysis of your LTI plan compared to a specific market to make better informed and more competitive offers
  • Gives you details about the competitiveness of your plans in your countries of operation or planned expansion
  • Gives you market intelligence on best practices for global talent
  • Is a summary diagnostic report from Aon global compensation experts

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