Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM) Survey:
U.S. Executive and Senior Management

When it comes to assessing executive and senior management compensation in the United States, the breadth and depth of your data matters. Experienced and highly sought-after business leaders can move anywhere in the country and hop across industry lines with relative ease. As a result, you need a high-quality compensation survey that spans hundreds of companies in tens of industries.


Executive & Senior
Management Roles

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Data Collected

  • All elements of pay, including executive benefits and perquisites
  • TCM has moved to a rolling database, providing access to the most current data available
  • Special reports for the hospitality, retail, financial services, and oil and gas industries

What's New?

  • We now collect information on gender, performance ratings and date of hire to support more advanced workforce analytics
  • A number of job code updates were made this year to streamline our overall job library
  • All survey submission materials are now merged into a single workbook to make your input process easier

Survey Overview

Scale and Scope

  • Our 2020 database reflects more than 400 participating organizations
  • Over 400 senior management roles to benchmark against
  • Participants represent more than 50% of the S&P 500 and nearly one-half of the Fortune 1000
  • Benchmark all elements of pay including executive benefits and perquisites
  • Participation from all industries
  • Special pricing if you participate in all three levels of TCM: Executive and Senior Management, Broad-Based Management, and Nonexempt


Custom Reporting Options

  • Select peer companies by company name or search by specific criteria (location, industry, financial measures, etc.)
  • Define an unlimited number of comparator groups, such as industry, name, location or financial measure
  • Age data, convert currency, produce printer-friendly reports, and download to Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel
  • Choose positions, percentiles, and pay components (including long-term incentives)
  • Blend multiple jobs with advanced view and age functionality


Other Reporting Options

  • Online (this includes all the reports listed below)
  • Regression Analysis
  • Cash and Prevalence Top 25
  • Compensation Policies and Programs


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