Global Automotive Compensation Survey

The automotive industry is undergoing a complex transformation as technology, suppliers, and manufacturers are facing global pressures to evolve and impact the bottom line. To ensure success companies are taking a closer look at their workforce. Global automotive companies need the best compensation data to drive growth through talent.

Aon provides automotive suppliers and producers with a forum to facilitate networking of senior compensation and benefits experts to discuss current trends in the automotive sector and provide the most insightful compensation data globally.


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Why Participate?

  • Current trends in automotive sector
  • Most insightful compensation data globally
  • Possibility for regional differentiations within countries

Pay Trend Capabilities

  • Generational and new hires
  • Pay equity analysis and insights
  • Performance pay trends

Survey Overview

Pragmatic Survey Matching Methodology

  • Developed with the Steering Group to address evolving needs of the Automotive Producers and Suppliers
  • Relevant job families, specializations, and levels
  • Mapping to Aon survey positions and levels (local initiatives, Radford Hi-Tech/IT and McLagan Financial Services) and others


Holistic Approach to Rewards and Organization

  • Base pay, Variable Pay, Country-specific Guaranteed Payments
  • Prevalence of LTIs, Benefits, and Perquisites
  • More than 110 specific Job Sub-Families classified within 18 Job Families and 21 levels
  • Executives, Management, White Collar/Professional, and Blue Collar/Administrative roles


Improved Online Capabilities

  • Downloading and uploading of data collection materials
  • Self-service portal for quick reports, advanced reporting, and peer selection


Regional Networking Meetings Participation

  • Learn about Hot Topics and Trends in the Automotive Industry
  • Discuss survey results and insights, and trends affecting the Auto industry


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