Global Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM) Survey

Getting consistent and reliable market data is a major challenge for global enterprises. Companies require data that spans all organizational levels and crosses borders to satisfy local needs. Global Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM) is the most comprehensive source of global rewards data you need.

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Details About Data

  • Globally consistent questionnaire relevant to local positions
  • Positions are matched using Aon's JobLink reference guide
  • Executive positions are matched by benchmark job title

Ideal For

  • Designing pay levels and bands across different markets
  • Evaluating global expansion and new markets
  • Salary planning and budgeting

Survey Overview

Key Features

  • Global coordination but local presence, allowing you to address both global and local needs
  • Streamlined global questionnaire to submit all countries, and all positions in a single Excel file that also gathers locally relevant components of pay
  • Global TCM includes all positions/levels reportable in the country—Executive, Management, Professional, Sales, and Support roles in the same report
  • Global TCM survey is the point of entry to access all Aon's complete new suite of data analytics and predictive tools


Best-in-Class Custom Reporting

  • Unlimited custom reporting and number of users provides you with the flexibility you need to address different positions and peer groups
  • No need to buy different modules, Global TCM is an all-inclusive survey
  • Ability to create your own custom salary bands
  • Ability to cut the data by location


Report Options For Each Country

All participants will receive a free participant report for each market where data has been submitted.

Click here for the list of countries where global data is currently available


Type of Data Collected

  • More than 1,000 globally consistent positions
  • Data is collected by benchmark or by JobLink™ level and family
  • Target and actual total cash, long-term incentives, benefits and perquisites, prevalence and practices


Consistent Methodology

  • Across all countries on base salary, fixed payments, actual and target bonus, and long-term incentive valuation
  • Prevalence of long-term incentives, benefits, and perquisites


How Data is Collected

  • Standard report downloadable in Excel
  • Convenient "View & Age" tool to age survey data and convert currency
  • Custom reporting in Excel and PDF formats and optional custom comparator groups

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