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Total Compensation Measurement® (TCM) Survey:
Nonexempt Compensation Survey

The Nonexempt Compensation Survey delivers results with a local focus and national consistency, and crosses all industries and geographies within the U.S.


Total Number
of Incumbents

Total Number
of Jobs


Key Features

  • Custom reporting
  • Geographic reporting
  • Cross-industry appeal

Compensation Data & Elements

  • Hourly and annual base pay
  • Starting and top rates
  • Actual and target incentives

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Survey Overview

Positions & Practices

  • In-depth nonexempt pay practices section including shift differentials, overtime, variable pay, fringe benefits, and contractor/temporary workforce
  • Integrates all positions from Aon’s former Retail Nonexempt Survey and Distribution/Fulfillment Center Survey


How Data is Reported

  • Downloadable reports in Excel and PDF formats
  • Online custom reporting

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