Total Compensation Measurement by Demographics

This report analyzes market data by using demographic scope cuts on:

  • Gender
  • Tenure
  • Performance Ratings

Companies are increasingly interested in how incumbents compare across key demographics. For the first time in 2017, Aon’s Total Compensation Measurement surveys collected incumbent level information on gender, tenure, and performance rating. The report provides total compensation information segmented by these demographics as well as industry and revenue. The report includes all the same statistical data points on all of the compensation components of pay, such as base salary, actual and target bonus, total cash compensation, long term incentives and total compensation. The report also includes standard scope cuts based on industry and revenue size.


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Key Features

  • Separate reports for Senior Management and Executives, and Broad-based Exempt roles
  • Each report contains a separate worksheet for Gender, Tenure, and Performance Rating
  • Each worksheet segments the results using our Total Compensation by Industry format with the addition of Gender, Tenure or Performance Rating. Review results using a combination or industry, revenue, cut and one of the demographic variables
  • All elements of compensation covered (base pay, target and annual bonus, total cash compensation, long-term incentives, total direct compensation), plus, the Performance Rating worksheet also includes Actual Bonus as a Percent of Target Bonus
  • Multiple pricing offers to best fit your needs



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