Compensation Surveys

U.S. Energy Industry Compensation Survey

Organizations must have access to reliable tailored industry data on compensation levels and human resource practices in order to retain a competitive advantage These annual energy industry surveys can help you stay current with compensation and pay industry practices.

Oil and Gas Industry (OGI) Compensation Survey

Realizing the variety, complexity, and dynamism of energy organizations across the various energy sectors, this survey simplifies the data submission process via a single questionnaire, while still providing participants with thoughtful trends analysis and insights to help address their specific talent and rewards needs. Key features include:

  • Competitive pay and detailed practices information in a single report
  • Separate analysis available pertaining to the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream sectors in the energy industry
  • Webinar to deliver industry insights

Energy Marketing and Trading (EMT) Compensation Survey

This survey provides a useful tool for analyzing pay levels and practices for over 240 select marketing and trading roles within the energy industry.

  • Data segments for each position includes energy type, type of company, experience level, markets, geographic regions, LTI eligibility, and revenue
  • Includes variable pay plan design, long-term incentives, and benefits
  • Data is downloadable in Excel/PDF formats

Independent Energy Human Resources Associated (IEHRA) Compensation Survey

Sponsored by the Independent Energy Human Resources Association, this is the most comprehensive compensation and pay practice data for organizations in the energy services and utility sectors.

  • Multiple scope cuts of pay data available: revenue, employees, megawatt capacity, megawatts generated, and geographic region
  • Detailed section covering pay practices
  • Year-over-year trending of results

Renewable Energy Compensation
(REC) Survey

This survey provides the most comprehensive compensation and pay practice data for organizations focused on wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources.

  • 142 unique survey positions focused on operational roles
  • Competitive pay and detailed practices information
  • Includes YOY trending of results

Total Compensation Measurement (TCM)
Executive: Utility

This survey provides access to more than 50 key industry leading companies and nearly 800 companies in the entire TCM database allowing you to benchmark against your industry peers and a broader set of general industry companies in one place.

  • Includes custom reporting options
  • Participants represent more than 50% of the S&P 500
  • Benchmark all elements of pay including executive benefits and perquisites

Natural Gas Industry (NGICG) Compensation Group Survey

The survey provides insights on compensation and pay practice data for organizations focused on natural gas in the energy sector.

  • Covers 294+ survey positions
  • Provides industry trends on pay data, pay practices, and YOY results
  • By association invitation only