U.S. Energy Industry Compensation Survey

Total Compensation & Measurement® (TCM) Survey:
U.S. Utility Industry Compensation Survey

TCM Utility Industry not only gives you access to the more than 50 key industry leading companies but also the more than 800 companies in the entire TCM database, allowing you to benchmark against your industry peers and a broader set of general industry companies in one place.


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  • The 2017 TCM Utility survey is comprised of 55 leading utilities representing more than 70% of the S&P 500 Utility index
  • More than 1,300 positions including 80 utility-specific industry roles
  • Competitive analysis based on TCM Utility has been used successfully in rate case proceedings to establish reasonableness of market competitiveness of total compensation and benefits, leading to incentives being included as allowed compensation for recovery
  • Includes access to the more than 800 companies in general industry TCM
  • Benchmark all elements of pay including executive benefits and perquisites 


Custom Reporting

  • Select peer companies by company name or search by specific criteria (location, industry, financial measures, etc.)
  • Define an unlimited number of comparator groups, such as industry, name, location or financial measure
  • Age data, convert currency, produce printer-friendly reports, and download to Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel
  • Choose positions, percentiles, and pay components (including long-term incentives)
  • Blend multiple jobs with advanced view and age functionality


Report Options

  • Online
  • Cash Compensation and Total Compensation by Industry, run data by position or by level
  • Regression Analysis System, size adjust your results by revenue scope
  • Cash and Prevalence Top 25
  • Compensation Policies and Programs


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