U.S. High Demand IT Compensation and Practices Survey

This expansive survey provides market data insights that go beyond traditional surveys in benchmarking jobs that require information technology skills. It combines the best of both worlds—a skill and leveling and a positional approach to measuring pay for in-demand jobs. Information technology is a rapidly changing marketplace. This survey enables IT leadership teams to plan salaries, recruit new talent, and retain skilled employees.

IT Skills

Groupings (Including Mobile,
Network, and Security)

ERP Positions


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Compensation and Data Elements

  • Base salary
  • Incentives (actual and target
  • Comprehensive pay practices section

Pay Practices Include

  • Rewards and recognition
  • Retention and attraction
  • Work-life balance

Survey Overview

Key Features

  • A focus on general industry brings the skills of Silicon Valley to the rest of the nation
  • More than ninety high-demand IT skills, up to four skill levels
  • Eighteen dedicated roles specific to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (e.g., Project Manager)


Compensation Data Elements and Practices

  • Base salary and incentives (actual and target)
  • Comprehensive pay practices section, including high potential practices


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