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Sales Compensation and Practices Survey

Across the country, companies without benchmarking data are struggling to fill potentially lucrative sales jobs. Gain the insights and data you need to have a competitive salesforce. The right data can help you recruit and retain top sales talent.

Why Participate?

  • Data to recruit and retain top sales talent
  • Cross-industry insight into sales compensation levels
  • Insight into sales compensation trends

Get Ready to:

  • Fill lucrative sales jobs
  • Get benchmarking data
  • Build a competitive salesforce

Find answers to common Sales Compensation Plan questions:

  • Will our sales compensation plan help us achieve our organic sales growth goals?
  • Does our pay mix incentivize the right behavior?
  • Do our sales compensation plans align with the actual day-to-day job role of our sales team?
  • Is our current sales compensation plan competitive?
  • Are our thresholds, caps, and upsides appropriate?
  • Is our compensation cost of sales too high or too low?
  • Are we measuring our sales team on the right metrics?

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Survey Overview

Types of Roles Within Survey

  • Management with direct reports (e.g., chief revenue officer)
  • Outside sales (e.g., account managers, business developers)
  • Inside sales generally via the telephone (e.g., inside account manager)
  • Support (e.g., sales analyst, sales administration)


Data Collected

  • Measurement of salesforce effectiveness
  • Salesforce turnover including within 12 months of hire
  • Sales incentive design including performance factors, caps, and thresholds
  • Expected performance and new hire considerations
  • Sales administration including compensation governance
  • Sales recognition practices including type, funding, and criteria for awards
  • Auto policy including type of vehicle and eligibility
  • Long-term incentive plan design including allocation of long-term incentives


How Data is Reported

  • Downloadable in Excel and PDF formats
  • Custom reporting with user-created comparator groups


Report Segmentation

  • Industry and geographic region cuts (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West)

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