Sales Compensation

Drive the right behavior with good compensation plans & quotas

Driving the right behavior of sales people requires a sales compensation plan that is competitive and aligned with corporate objectives. With decades of sales compensation expertise we deliver results through four core services.


Sales Compensation Assessment

A team of consultants who specialize in B2B sales compensation strategy will conduct a rigorous assessment of the key components of your sales compensation plan. Aon’s holistic, data-driven approach starts with an analysis of external drivers and then dives deep into the sales organization’s strategy to identify gaps with the sales compensation plan. Following the analysis, we recommend actions to ensure strategic alignment, motivational value and competiveness.

  Business Dynamics
Summary of market dynamics, sales objectives and sales strategies considered during the assessment
  High-Level Assessment Readout
High-level summary of Aon's sales compensation assessment results using red/yellow/green light framework
  Pay-for-Performance Analysis
Quantitative analysis to determine if current plans differentiate pay appropriately between poor, average and high performers
  Quota-Setting Analysis
Quantitative assessment of the accuracy and distribution of the quota-setting process
  Design Element Assessment
Aon’s perspective on other design elements, including sales crediting, plan administration, eligibility, etc.
  Current State Snapshot
Concise summary of current pay levels and plan designs for quick reference
  Executive & Field Input Synopsis
Summary of key issues and themes captured during interview process, including degree of urgency and consensus for each
  Pay Level Benchmarking Analysis
Comparison of current company pay levels to market pay levels by leveraging Aon’s survey library
  Plan Mechanics Assessment
Aon’s evaluation of key design elements, including measures, mechanics and timing
  Aon Recommendations
Detailed reactions and recommendations that build on high-level assessment summary at beginning of report

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Quota & Goal Setting Strategy

Decisions about quotas and goals are often handled by different groups who don't have a solid framework in place and the result is a misalignment in sales behavior. Aon helps clients through a comprehensive and interactive workshop to align all departments who are stakeholders in quotas and goals with a framework designed for your organization. Our 6-Point Approach will help you ensure that sales goals are simple, accurate, and fair.

  • Identify sales influencing factors
  • Develop tests for goals
  • Refine Weights
  • Assign weights to each factor
  • Test for accuracy and fairness
  • Apply other necessary adjustments

Sales Compensation Design & Rollout

We look are more than pay mix and pay levels. We take a holistic view of your sales organization. All decisions regarding sales compensation design should be centered on business goals, support the sales strategy and reflect the selling role responsibilities.

Sales compensation design

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Sales Compensation Survey & Benchmarking

Gain an understanding of how leading B2B sales organizations build their sales incentive plans. In addition to incumbent level benchmarking data, Aon's survey reports on the practices and mechanics of sales compensation plan design.

Example Sales Plan Practice Data

  • Plan mechanics
  • Sales force turnover
  • Measures (revenue, margin, volume, etc.)
  • Crediting
  • Compensation cost of sales
  • LTI
  • Recognition
  • Caps
  • Quota
  • Thresholds
  • Auto policy
  • Upsides

Incumbent Level Benchmarking Data

  • 85+ sales roles for inside sales, outside sales, sales support, sales leadership
  • Base pay / target incentive /actual incentive / target total cash / actual total cash
  • Average, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 90th percentiles

Complimentary Readout Session

All clients of the Sales Compensation & Plan Practices U.S. survey receive a complimentary session with a Sales Force Effectiveness consultant to help interpret the data so you can readily apply insights to your business. The survey opens in February, submissions are due in April, and the report is available in August.

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