Sales Talent Strategy

Talent Selection and Management

Attracting and retaining top sales talent provides an important growth and cost advantage over competitors. Sales and HR leaders
must work together using the right tools to identify top sales talent and manage them through the employment lifecycle.

Selection Criteria

Hiring the right sales talent is the first step in growing revenue. Aon can help you develop job profiles and test candidates based on proven success factors to guide recruitment efforts.


Improved engagement of the sales force can motivate productivity and reduce turnover. Aon is the world leader in developing engagement strategies across all segments and specialties of sales roles.

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Ignite Sales Management

Sales managers are crucial for translating corporate strategy to an execution strategy for your sales team. Aon’s Sales Leadership development program addresses an often-ignored population, sales managers, with out-of-the-box tools and training to create the highest impact within your organizations.


Ignite Sales Management Leadership Development Program

As the business environment, go-to-market strategies, organization processes, and sales deployment models become more complex, organizations need to identify ways to focus sales efforts and capitalize on financial investments. Strong Sales Management is a key to quickly and effectively accomplishing this.

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