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360° Feedback
Clear and Robust Insight Into Leadership Performance

World-class leadership needs world-class feedback

Your organization needs great leadership to attain its goals. To develop, your leaders need keen self-awareness. Nothing provides that awareness better than feedback from their leader, peers, direct reports and to compare that feedback with their self-evaluation. There is no better way for your leaders to “know thyself” than to get that feedback through m360.


Gain actionable insight into leadership development from any perspective

m360 provides an enterprise platform to administer 360-degree feedback programs at any organization.

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Scale leadership using proven competencies

Use your own competency model or choose from an industry standard competency model.

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Maximize efficiency through leader portals

Easily provide access to tasks, rater management and surveys through intuitive leadership portals.

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Achieve a high quality process through configurable workflow templates

Create and save workflows making it a snap to send a handful or hundreds of participants through a leadership development process.

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Guide leaders with intuitive, comprehensive development reports

Help leaders grasp their areas of strength, opportunity and create development plans with robust, well-designed reporting.

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  • Enterprise 360-degree platform designed for simple and complex workflows
  • Available in multiple languages throughout an enterprise cloud platform
  • Use your own or proven leadership competencies
  • Integrate with your HRIS
  • Upload employee contact database for easy search
  • Provide leader access to reports and real-time monitors
  • Generate aggregate reports
  • One-click access to external learning media and integration with HR portals
  • GDPR compliant

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