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Text Analytics
Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Gather Actionable Insights From Text

Reveal action recommendations and unknown risks hidden in text data

Survey comments, external blogs, emails, and IMs are often-untapped sources of insights into the employee experience. With advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, VOX instantly analyzes thousands of pieces of text in multiple languages and surfaces insights and action recommendations.


Identify common themes and overall sentiment

Understand what aspects of the employee experience are being talked about, how often, and whether the overall tone is positive or negative.

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Compare across business units and other demographics

Use heat maps to identify how segments of the organization compare on key areas of employee experience.

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Pay attention to unknown corporate culture and talent risks

Identify sources of risk and specific comments through algorithms that identify “loud talking” and “digital yelling” from employee text comments.

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Empower leaders, managers and HR to take meaningful action linked to your organizational priorities

Our proprietary algorithm finds realistic, specific, constructive action suggestions from employee comments tied to your survey priority areas.

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  • Actionable suggestions and loud talking risk analysis to enhance traditional surveys
  • Stand-alone comments analysis for text pulses
  • Example comments to illustrate themes, sentiment and actionable suggestions
  • Core topics plus the ability to customize deeper dive comments analysis
  • PowerPoint exports
  • Read and understand multiple languages


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