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Employee Engagement in your small or mid-sized business.

One in six employees is disengaged. In a company of 2,000 employees, the disengaged can have an outsized impact that is bigger than in a large organization. People who are disengaged leave. They might also stay and lower the productivity of the company as a whole, or worse…become disruptive.

The cost of turnover, loss of top talent, and inability to attract the right people are critical issues for all organizations, but small and medium businesses can feel it acutely. Especially when market conditions for finding talent are already challenging. It is critical for small to mid-size organizations to measure, learn and act on engagement to ensure growth and productivity within the company.

Highly engaged companies typically see:

higher operating profit
 lower staff turnover
higher sales growth
more internal promotion

Our Solution

Aon Rapid Engagement

As part of our suite of engagement services, Aon rapid Engagement is an ideal solution for mid-sized companies who want a quick, cost-efficient way for measuring, understanding and improving their employee engagement.

It provides a comprehensive level of insight into employee engagement levels using a standard survey, underpinned by Aon’s extensive global benchmark database of 15 million employees.

Rapid Engagement enables companies to improve through:

Industry leading methodology used by over 7,000 companies globally

15 million employee survey records in our benchmark database

Sophisticated technology and user-friendly reporting

Consulting and insights to understand and take action


  • Dedicated project manager to advise throughout
  • Engagement expert to brief about survey results
  • Online reporting for multiple users and in multiple languages
  • Benchmarks + your engagement priorities
  • Standardized Engagement survey in multiple languages 
  • Sample invitation and reminder emails
  • Online & user-friendly response rate monitoring
  • Data filters by organizational units or demographics
  • Report export

Enterprise Solutions

For organizations that are looking to go deeper, Aon offers enterprise Engagement solutions. Designed for extensive level of insight and customized surveys, this solution is tailored to meet your unique requirements. Contact us or visit our enterprise Culture & Engagement page to learn more.