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Insights from
Talent Transformation Study 2020, Asia Pacific & Middle East


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Aon’s 2020 Talent Transformation Study surveyed 663 organizations across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Based on the study, we recommend three priority areas for successful talent transformation:

Priorities for Talent Transformation

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Shape job architectures
to enable agile career paths

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Assess behaviours
to prepare talent for a digital mindset

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Guide talent for success
in current and future roles

Join us for a series of insights, discussions, perspectives on how to prepare future talent as we bring together global leaders and practitioners to dig deeper into the insights from the study.

Key Insights

Every change opens doors to new opportunities. As much as we have been tracking impact of technology on job losses, there is an alternate point of view on evolution of new jobs.

PwC recently estimated one-third of the current jobs are at risk of automation by mid-2030. WEF has reported technology will create millions of more jobs than it displaces.

We, at Aon, wanted to understand where our clients are on this journey and how ready are they to plan for this change. Tarandeep Singh, CEO at Aon’s Assessment Solutions, Asia Pacific & Middle East, shares key insights from Talent Transformation Study 2020.


Tarandeep Singh

Chief Executive Officer
Aon’s Assessment Solutions
Asia Pacific & Middle East

Impact of COVID-19 on Future of Work

From business architecture to agile methods, organizations constantly try different approaches to move the organization forward and closer to their customers. Value chains have changed from traditional assembly-line team set-ups to multi-faceted broader teams that can work, experiment and learn fast.
We understand how shifting focus within the organization from inside-out to outside-in, yields rich dividends to employees, customers and shareholders.

In Conversation:


Dr. Santrupt Misra

Director, Global HR & CEO
Carbon Black Business
Aditya Birla Group

Michael Burke

Chief Executive Officer
Human Capital Solutions

Future Readiness of Leaders 

It is a commonly held myth that leaders of ‘Digital Natives’ are significantly more prepared for transformation. Our research shows that even though they are, overall only one third of them feel ready. Furthermore, the preparedness of C-suite leaders lags further behind with one in four ready to lead transformation. We understand how HR leaders can overcome these challenges and look for unconventional leadership talent sources.

In Conversation:


Jacinta Low

Senior Vice President
Human Resources

Ishita Bandyopadhyay

Aon’s Assessment Solutions
South East Asia

Readying Talent for Digital World

Talent with agile mindset is critical for continuous customer delight and innovation. Successful talent transformation needs business vision, HR stewardship and seamless execution by talent specialists in the HR team. Most importantly, it requires buy-in and the involvement of employees. We discuss how careers and learning are key anchors to create this two-way momentum towards change.

In Conversation:


Dr. Alia A.

Vice President
People Learning & Growth

Kate Scapens

Aon’s Assessment Solutions
Middle East

Guiding Talent for Success

Successful transformation requires guidance across all levels of the organization. Leaders enable a cultural shift and are critical to success. We have observed various transformation projects which have not been successful, or which have been delayed, due to lack of preparedness. We discuss how a learning culture continues to be the best way for organizations to drive future readiness across the organization.

In Conversation:


Veena Deshpande

Senior Director
Learning & Development

David Barrett

Chief Commercial Officer Aon’s Assessment Solutions Europe, Middle East & Africa

Change Management & Analytics

Change management and analytics strategy have undeniably an enviable role to play in success of talent transformation.
We discuss how organizations on transformational paths need to have a clear change management agenda together with a sharp analytics strategy to gauge its success.

In Conversation:


Balachandar NV

Executive Director
Human Resources
Ashok Leyland

Andreas Lohff

Chief Executive Officer Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Driving Change from the Top

Leaders enable a cultural shift and are critical to success.
We understand how leaders can drive change in a volatile work environment and collaborate and empower teams to embrace change.

In conversation:

Na Boon Chong

MD & Partner
Aon Hewitt

Moh. Edi Isdwiarto

HC Director
PT Pegadaian

Looking Beyond the C-Suite

For any transformation to be successful, organizations must focus on new culture norms to drive new beliefs, behaviors and decision mindsets. We discuss how assessing critical talent pools beyond leaders often provides employees with a starting point to initiate their development.

In conversation:

Haidee C. Enriquez

Chief People Officer
Sitel, PHANZ

Dhruv Mathur

Business Head
Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Evolving Job Architectures

As job architectures evolve, there is downstream impact on team structures and processes. Structures become project-based, teams assemble & disassemble quickly, and jobs are linked to projects and assignments. We understand how organizations will have to significantly evolve their philosophy with open market-careers to connect talent with future jobs.

In conversation:

Hilda Cardenas

Senior VP – Global HR

Cris Rosenthal

Strategic Account Leader
Aon Human Capital Solutions

Build a Learning Culture

The basis of a strong learning culture allows talent to explore agile career pathways. We discuss how a transparent learning process empowers talent to take charge of their own future readiness.

In conversation:

Kalpak Huddar

Head of Human Resources
Sitel, India

Cheng Wan Hua

Organizational Psychologist
Aon’s Assessment Solutions
South East Asia

Leading Change

Leading change is about steering people in a volatile work environment, promoting and inspiring collaboration, empowering team members to embrace change and drive their self-development, being self-aware and be willing to move into the role of a humble facilitator. Watch the video to know more.

In conversation:

Julius Koh

Lead Consultant
Civil Service College

Cheng Wan Hua

Organizational Psychologist
Aon’s Assessment Solutions
South East Asia

Analytics Strategy to Measure Progress

A sharp data analytics strategy helps to democratize decision making. This is critical for a successful talent transformation. Watch this video to learn more about how implementing analytics strategy is imperative to measure progress.

In conversation:

Pallab Mukherji

Chief People Officer
Equitas Small Finance Bank

Roopank Chaudhary

Partner &
Chief Commercial Officer
Human Capital Solutions,
Aon, India & South East Asia