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Human Capital Solutions Newsletter | September 2021

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In September, we explore how companies can fine tune their hiring and retention plans in an environment of higher employee turnover. Next, we discuss new boardroom diversity rules and how to address ESG strategy when planning to go public. And for more insights on the future of pay, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar and view our infographic on changes to total rewards priorities.
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The Great Resignation? Retaining Talent in a Job-Hopping World

Whether employers are looking at a full return to the workplace, embracing a hybrid strategy or allowing permanent remote working, they must develop strategies to attract and retain the talent that’s critical to achieving business objectives. Read More

Nasdaq’s diversity rules contain a “comply or explain” mandate for listed companies without at least two “diverse” directors. Firms must also provide a board diversity matrix starting in 2022.

Thinking About Going Public? Don’t Forget About ESG Planning

In the ramp up to going public, it’s becoming critical that companies create a plan to address and disclose ESG strategies, risks and opportunities. Failure to do so can lead to unsolicited scrutiny and an opportunity for others to craft your narrative.
The Spotlight: How have retail sales practices evolved since COVID 19?

Boards continue to make changes to executive pay design in the face of the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to evolving views of investors and broader stakeholders on what elements of performance should determine how senior executives are rewarded.

A Future-ready Workforce Must Reskill and Upskill Talent. Here are Five Actions to Get Started  

Given the limits of key talent in technology and data‑focused jobs, in addition to growing recognition of employers’ responsibility to invest in their people, there is a clear shift from the war for talent to the race for reskilling and upskilling.
Reshape and Optimize Your Workforce with Assessment: Download 

Webinar: Enabling Workforce Change Through Rewards

Join us for a lively discussion on how your organization can reimagine rewards programs and create agile compensation structures to accelerate your workforce into the future. Register for the webinar in your region.

September 15, 2021

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How are 
Total Rewards Priorities Shifting?  

How Are Total Rewards Priorities Shifting?

As we enter a period of accelerated workforce transformation, ambitious goals are threatened by an inability to hire, retain and engage talent. Thus, as the top five priorities show, securing talent is now a prerequisite to all other initiatives.
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