Empowering Leadership Assessment

Aon Top Companies for Leaders’s® research on leadership and talent management indicates that an emphasis on growing leadership capabilities at all levels is a key differentiator. Sustainable success requires a solid leadership pipeline. While the importance of selecting and developing senior leaders has long been recognized as an organizational imperative, ensuring a robust pipeline requires focus on all levels of leadership. Creative new approaches to assessing talent support the selection and development of strong leaders to meet both short and long term needs.

Aon’s LEADeR® Suite of Assessment Tools 

For nearly 15 years Aon’s LEADeR® suite of assessment tools has provided a robust, cost-effective, customizable approach to assessing leadership capability and potential including:

  • Identifying individual contributors for selection into front-line leadership
  • Assessing high potential leaders to support accelerated development
  • Evaluating leadership capability for talent and succession planning
  • Selecting internal and external candidates at all leadership levels

LEADeR®  Offering

LEADeR® offers innovative, sophisticated methods of assessment and development to identify leadership assessment needs at every level with a range of price points. LEADeR is designed as a highly flexible, modular solution that can be easily configured to provide a truly tailored solution to meet your needs. Features include:

  • A suite of assessment tools that can be tailored specifically to each level of leadership. Options include: computer adaptive reasoning and personality tests, multi-rater surveys, digital interviews, role-plays and automated writing assessments Equity Compensation Reviews
  • State-of-the-art web-based simulations that reflect the realities of leadership today in a variety of product and service industries
  • A library of content carefully designed to measure the agility, ability, and aspiration that are essential to assessment
  • Specific focus on the leadership capabilities needed at various turns in the leadership pipeline
  • Global content applicable to countries and cultures around the world
  • Seamless competency model integration through your existing Aon’s leadership model
  • Enhanced focus on key proficiencies in your organization as well as confirming job-relevance
  • A variety of administration choices from fully automated virtual options to face-to-face or phone and digital interactions
  • Skilled program administration services and technology ensure a convenient, positive and engaging experience for participants with minimal administrative requirements
  • Flexible reporting for selection and development, offering a variety of options ranging from detailed behavioral examples of assessment performance to specific development resource suggestions
  • Follow-up support including one-on-one feedback and coaching session to end-to-end leadership development programs and succession planning