Learn how your organization can successfully achieve its diversity, equity and inclusion goals by taking a data-driven approach to driving change.
At a time of unprecedented focus on meeting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) goals, and as stakeholder expectations continue to rise, organizations need to take bold steps now to remain destinations of choice for an increasingly value-driven workforce. Companies that lead the way will build inclusive cultures, set ambitious diversity goals, ensure pay is equitable, and ultimately be in the best position to attract, retain and engage talent.
In this guidebook, we explore how companies can take actionable steps using workforce analytics to achieve both their short- and long-term DE&I goals.

Globally, more than three-quarters of companies tell us DE&I has emerged as a top priority. Moving the needle on DE&I efforts starts with setting clear goals, establishing metrics to ensure accountability and driving new behaviors.


of organizations publish DE&I metrics



have DE&I metrics but
do not publish them


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DE&I metrics


Creating a Data-Driven Framework for Developing DE&I Programs

Starting with data makes the conversation around DE&I more actionable. Companies can use these insights to address gaps and drive positive, visible change.
Step 1
Combine internal and external data and audit your programs and policies.
Step 2
Supplement data with employee surveys and interviews with leaders.
Step 3
Identify diversity metrics throughout the employee lifecycle.
Step 4
Establish a go-forward strategy at the enterprise level.
Step 5
Set up a monitoring system to report KPIs, typically provided to the board and C-suite.
Ready to get started? Read our guidebook to learn how a holistic and data-driven approach to DE&I can lead to lasting change for the better.

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