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December 2021

This month we examine some of the most pressing issues organizations are tackling today. This includes addressing inclusion and diversity, with our featured article taking a look at how this is playing out in Asia. HR leaders also remain focused on the twin goals of attracting and retaining talent in a hot job market. Our second article looks at trends in the competitive life sciences industry. Next, we look back at the journey talent and rewards leaders have been on in 2021 and what is ahead in the new year.
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November 2021

This month, our featured article looks at how boards and the C-suite can effectively address ESG issues that are quickly evolving. Next, we detail new climate disclosure proposals in the European Union and United States. Then, we turn to insights to help companies navigate the competitive job market. From rewards strategy at technology and life sciences firms to upskilling and reskilling employees, we investigate what it takes to hire and retain in today’s market.
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