Remote working is on the rise and here to stay. Learn how it can be an opportunity to future-proof your workforce.

Traditional location strategies are actively being disrupted. It's time to rethink your approach and use remote working as a catalyst for change in your organization.

Getting started requires early and ongoing engagement from HR leaders, who understand how well-connected human capital and location strategies can drive growth, enhance productivity and deliver cost savings – while improving access to talent.

Focus on What Matters to You to Drive the Right Outcomes

How and where your people work is foundational to your human capital strategy. Consider each issue in the wheel at right to determine what outcomes your location strategy should drive. Then assess the “Remote-Ability” of your team, which is the readiness of people and roles to work remotely. This allows you to think anew about your location strategy in the context of today’s work environment. In the end, your location strategy should drive:
  • Growth
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency

Remote-Ability Determines How and Where People Will Work in the Future

The global experiment, 'work from home', was a success. A new future is possible.


of surveyed firms are currently updating their remote working programs.



of surveyed companies are asking employees about their remote working preferences.


of surveyed firms have permanently expanded the population of employees who work remotely.


Define your own remote-working model

Understand how to achieve growth, productivity and effeciency with a future-proofed workforce.

Understand Location Strategy

  • Unlock Remote-Ability to Optimize Location Strategy
  • Achieve Growth through Optimized Location Strategy
  • Achieve Productivity through Optimized Location Strategy
  • Achieve Efficiency through an Optimized Location Strategy

Mitigate Risks in Execution

Discover how the right location strategy can help your organization build a more agile and resilient workforce.

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