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2024 Salary Increase and Turnover Study

Join thousands of organizations in 100-plus countries
as we explore global pay and turnover trends. 


This survey is now closed.

  • Key Dates:
  • First Edition:
  • Survey Opens - February 1, 2024
  • Survey Closes - March 31, 2024
    Results Available - May 2024
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  • Ruchika Singh
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  • Tim Brown
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Study Overview

We are pleased to invite your organization to participate in the first edition of the 2024 Salary Increase and Turnover Study, an in-depth exploration of global salary increase budgets, turnover trends and other important topics specific to overall salary planning and pay increase delivery.

This edition will collect critical information on current 2024 budget plans, as well as pay practices and performance management data, including the current hiring environment. This edition will also provide insight into current turnover by gathering total headcounts for the most recent 12 month cycle (January 2023 - January 2024). Additionally, the study will give participants extensive country-specific coverage of salary increase budgets, and will cover a wide range of topics, such as:

Global Salary Increase Delivery Practice Topics
  • Pay Planning Schedule and Workforce Planning
  • Talent Identification
  • Performance Management
  • Pay Philosophy and Approach
  • Promotional Practices
  • Special Adjustments
Turnover Headcounts for 43 Select Countries
  • Headcount at the start and end of collection period
  • Number of terminations during collection period
Salary Budget/Increases for 134 Countries
  • General
  • Merit
  • Special Adjustment
  • Promotions
  • Overall

Complimentary Participation and Results

The results of this study provide every participant insight into salary increase budgets and turnover trends both locally and on a global stage, as well as well as perspectives on common practices in all aspects of pay increase administration.

All participants who provide a complete and accurate submission* by the deadline will receive a complimentary copy of the results in addition to results of the previous edition.

*The results you receive will be aligned with the quality and completeness of your submission. For example: if you submit data only for the U.S., you will receive only U.S. results. By submitting data for all countries where you have operations, you will receive a full global report.

This survey is now closed. We are no longer accepting additional submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is all the data in one report?
    Based on your submission completeness, you will have access to a global or regional report. By providing U.S. data you will receive a separate report detailing salary increase results by employee groups within regions and industries across the U.S. and turnover results by region and industry segments.
  • What are the submission requirements to receive the full global results? 
    The results you receive will be commensurate with the quality and completeness of your submission. If you submit data for only the U.S., you will only receive only U.S. results. By submitting data for all countries where you have operations, you will receive a full global report.
  • Can I download a copy of the questionnaire?
    You can preview the Salary Increase and Turnover questionnaire in PDF format here. Note, these PDF questionnaires are for informational purposes only. You will still need to submit your organization responses through the online platform.
  • Do I need to be a current client to participate?
    All organizations are eligible to participate.
  • How long does the questionnaire take to complete?
    Returning participants will find it very easy to participate using a pre-populated questionnaire to validate and update. First time participation requires some research and we advise you to download a copy of the questionnaire in advance to gather required data and seek input from others where needed. The online survey questionnaire is designed to guide you through an efficient input process.
  • Can I get an extension beyond the deadline?
    In order to publish on time, we need a complete and timely data submission. Reviewing the questionnaire in advance will help you understand the time commitment required.
  • Can I order a custom report?
    For an additional cost, all organizations with access to the overall results are eligible to order custom data cuts using the full list of participants to choose your select peer group(s). The list of participants and pricing is available in the order form.
  • Who is best suited to complete this study?
    In our experience, this survey is best completed by a member of your compensation team with knowledge of practices in the individual countries where you have operations. Collaboration with colleagues is available (anyone with access to the questionnaire can enter data), but the questionnaire is locked after one person clicks the "Submit" button.
  • Can I save my progress while I'm filling out the questionnaire?
    Responses are saved with each page you complete unless cookies are deleted. Contact us if you have concerns about lost data.
  • Will my answers remain confidential?
    Yes, all individual responses will remain confidential. Additionally, study results will only be presented in an aggregate fashion without specific attribution to any organization. The report will include a list of all participants by organization name.
  • Why are results valuable?
    While this survey won't tell you what to do, it does offer insight into what other organizations are doing. Results provide valuable insight into the overall prevalence of practices and perspective into alternative plan designs for your organization to consider.